Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kuro Character Profile: Shirley Wright

SHIRLEY WRIGHT: The Mechanic’s Apprentice. The one who keeps everything running smoothly. From being a supportive older sister, to making sure the newest member of the group is battle ready; Shirley has it down to an artform. But whatever you do, don’t get her pissed; unless you enjoy being hit with a large wrench.

New Kuro Project coming this summer

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kuro Charatcer Profile: Crispy Lebowitz

CRISPY LEBOWITZ: Potty-mouth, Best Friend, Extraordinaire. This teen’s words brings nothing but trouble to the table. For Noah, his words are the fuel he needs to keep moving forward. He may not be a fighter, or even pilot a mecha; but he’s always there for a friend, ready to help em kick ass.

New Kuro Project coming this summer

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kuro Character Profile: Noah Wright

NOAH WRIGHT: The Silent Storm. A young delivery boy whose fate takes a turn for the unexpected when he becomes the pilot of the powerful mecha Kuro. He and his sister Shirley were Orphaned as a result of their parents being killed during the Great Divide, until taken in by their Uncle. He is a sensitive, quiet individual with a drive to do the right thing; but his level of self-confidence is much to be desired. He has a lot to learn about life, especially with a skyscraper sized giant robot in the mix.

New Kuro Project coming this summer

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The View count It's...

Thanks to all the people who for some reason always click the link knowing that I'm not updating this blog!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. Njoku: Re:Jyssica Chapter 6

Dr. Njoku: Re:Jyssica Chapter 6

Re:Jyssica Chapter 6

Coming out 9/8/13

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Re:Jyssica Chapters 1-5 Now available for digital download

Re:Jyssica Chapters 1-5 are now available for digital download, now you can enjoy all the chapters for the low cost of free, click the links below for each download

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Chapter 6 and all subsequent Chapters will be announced at

Sunday, February 3, 2013

JustChe: All good things... **FINAL JUSTCHE POST**

JustChe: All good things... **FINAL JUSTCHE POST**: Blogging is a way of expressing ideas as cheaply and as articulately as possible. And with this post I wanna use every space possible to give a hearty round of thanks to anybody that has been following this blog for the long run. For allowing me to express myself, even if my entries were not as well thought out or as lengthy. I apologize for this as well, for the past year, I've been holding back from the few people that do check out this blog, my in-depth feelings for the many things I wanted to write about. The promises to have ongoing content that cannot be met due to time constraints or just fear of how people perceive the purpose of this post. This keeps me from posting and keeps people bored.
My whole point of starting blogs, websites, or profiles on social networks is for me to share my interests and my talent to the world. Unfortunately, I ended up crowding people's news feeds with the latter, so much so that the interest in posting my comics or other art projects have decreased immensely. I know this well, and I've come to terms that I can't depend on my artistic skills to be that one and only thing that I can only do. For as long as I've been on the internet, there has been about 1000 other things that I've wanted to do, but because of my dedication to my artwork I would not make any incentive or put any effort into those other things. This however will soon change.
I'm gonna start looking into implementing some of those ideas that I have been planning because well, Life is too Goddamn Short. Does that mean I will not continue working on any of my other projects? Not really, it just means that I'm gonna be really busy (:P) But I want to hear from you, the people: Family, Friends, Fans, Critics, Enemies. I want to be part of the world, not the world be part of me.

Hope to talk with you soon,